About us

Passion and experience

We have been the ideal partner for the realization of small to medium sized parts in the precision machining sector for more than thirty-five years. It has a strong network presence throughout the Canelli (Piedmont) oenomechanical sector and can quote the biggest local producers amongst its customers.

Sectorial Expertise

We operate in many sectors: oenological, mechanical,naval, dental, agricultural, food, automotive, energy etc. and in any other sectors where high quality efficient components are essential.
The experience acquired over the years has permitted the company to find reliable suppliers for the choice of the best tools to operate with any type of material, both bar and fusion.

Turnkey Service

A careful selection of its raw material suppliers and the highly qualified personnel consents O.ME.FA. S.r.l. to control the whole production cycle (contact with the customer – evaluating the job – technical consultancy – purchase of raw materials for first working – other treatments – delivery), and to supply a complete “turn key” service for the manufacture of specialised parts. The company offers quality, research, development, pre-series prototypes, the production of small-medium-big made-to-measure mechanical parts, installation and assembly.

The materials

We are specialized in the handling and production of parts in stainless steel and special steel (A 304- A 316- A 316L- A 329A- F 55- A 430F- INCONEL and other alloys), stell of tempering / hardening. Other materials such as aluminium, bronze, brass, plastic and iron are also used as raw materials to be able to better satisfy its customers.

Advanced Technology

Thanks to the machines (numerically controlled lathes) and other technologically advanced equipment, expert and qualified staff, fast estimate preparation, O.ME.FA. S.r.l. has the necessary added value to become the ideal partner for long-term working relationships based on trust, courtesy, know-how and understanding its customers’ needs.