Specialization, training, technology

The high specialization, thanks to continuous investments in personnel training and technologically advanced machines, has enabled the company to develop direct and constant contact with its customers, assisting them in the design stage and offering them complete service for the production of commisioned parts.

Diversified production

We always aimed to diversify our production, and this is our actual line of services:

  • single components
  • small-medium sized series (up to 500 components)
  • medium-large sized series (from 500 to 10.000 components)
  • construction of complete groups including assembly

Internally performed operations or sourced out to reliable suppliers

Turning, milling and assembly of the parts are carried out internally. Grinding, hardening, induction hardening, nickel plating, polishing, anodizing, sandblasting are provided if required, thanks to the company’s collaboration with a large team of experienced and reliable suppliers.

Prototypes from solid blocks

We are specialize in the production of PROTOTYPES manufactured according to indications or customer design. Usually the prototypes are made from solid blocks of material, which are shaped with the aid of numerical control machines.

Pre-series starting from CAD-CAM

Prototyping is linked to the attainment of a pre series targeted to obtain the final approval of the customer before the serial production of parts. Thanks to the aid of the CAD-CAM system we can develop three-dimensional figures.

The materials

We only use constantly monitored and certified materials selected from the best Italian and European manufacturers in order to guarantee the traceability of the casting used.
Main raw materials used are:

  • stainless and special steel ( A 304, A 316, A 316L, A 329A / F51,A 329S / F 55, A 430F, INCONEL AND OTHER ALLOYS)
  • Aluminium and other alloys (2011, 6082, Ergal)
  • Steel-Steel for tempering/hardening
  • Plastic
  • Bronze