Our production cycle

A turnkey service

An accurate choice of its raw material suppliers and highly qualified staff allows O.ME.FA. S.R.L. to control the whole production cycle (and to supply TURN-KEY personally commissioned products).
Its mission is to supply a full service to its customers, to produce high quality products and to give its customers high satisfaction.

The 5 main phases.

Our production cycle is made up of five main phases.



Contact with the customer and analysis of his requirements


Material and preparation

Sourcing of raw materials and preparing the machine


Manufacturing of parts

Manufacturing of parts and creation of a pre-series if needed
With highly qualified and meticulous personnel with years of experience in this sector. Omefa also ensures continuous and attentive up-to-date training of its employees both in terms of safety and technical working methods.
Each commisioned part is manufactured and constantly checked ONE BY ONE using both analogical and digital measuring instruments such as gauges and micrometers.


Surface or heat treatment

Whatever the request, Omefa is able to meet all the customer’s special requests regarding surface and heat treatment thanks to a team of competent and precise external suppliers who guarantee the implementation of precise working standards and certify the heat treatment performed.


Final control and delivery

Once back in the company, the supply is again checked carefully and accurately packed ready for collection by or for delivery to the customer